Iron Chlorosis
Iron chlorosis is the condition of yellowing of the plant foliage and with trees it affects the leaves. They will usually have visable green veins surrounded by an all yellow colored leaf. The newest leaves, show the symptoms most intensely. As iron chlorosis disease increases, you see a brown speckling of the leaf surface, then the total yellowing of the leaf, branch tip dieback ( tips of the branches loose their leaves and die) death of some of the other branches and then total death of a mature tree.

Iron chlorosis is common in many tree species, but most commonly in Pin Oaks, River Birch, Sweetgum, Maples and Red, White and Bur Oaks. Across the United States there are many other species of trees that have problems with iron deficiencies.

In most cases, soils have plenty of iron contained in them but high pH soil (alkaline soil) binds up the iron in the soil and makes it unavailable to the root system. New research, also denotes that trees planted in these soils may not develop enough of a root system to absorb the needed iron requirements. This condition is where Cambistat will fill the need for more fiborous production for iron absorption and your tree lives on because of the life saving iron is made available to produce chlorophyll.

The planted location of your tree may hinder iron uptake, as when quanities of limestone (stone, concrete or bricks) are in the trees alocated root system area causes iron deficiencies. Thus, trees planted too close to sidewalks, house foundations, brick patios, concrete or stone driveways usually will have iron chlorosis problems. Also, wet areas that are near a trees root system can be a definite factor, as the amount of iron absorbed in that wet area may not be enough to keep the tree alive or healthy.
Why Do Yellow Leafed Trees Die?
Here's a Pin Oak thats beyond help. It died from the lack of iron. 30 minutes of time and 6 oz. of iron could have saved this once beautiful tree.
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